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Hampers as New Baby Gifts

Newborns are special blessings, and for this, both moms and dads and the little bundles deserve special new baby gifts.

It's such a joy to have a new addition to any family, and if you're a friend or a relative, it's tradition to have something with you on your visit. Which new baby gifts should you choose, though?

New baby gifts that will be most appreciated are hampers that contain items that both the mom and the newborn will be needing. What you put in the hamper will depend on you and your creativity. All you need to do is to buy several items for the new baby gifts you will be putting together, a basket to hold the stuff in, a large piece of cellophane wrapper, and a pink or blue ribbon.

So what are these new baby gifts which you can put together? First, you have to have a theme in mind for the new baby gifts you'll purchase.

Personal care items. Choose hypoallergenic products such as baby powder, lotion, soap, shampoo, body wash, and a gentle sponge. These new baby gifts are almost always needed and when packaged elegantly in a hamper can look like a really expensive present.

Infant's toys. You can prepare a small hamper for new baby gifts such as rattles, teethers, a cushion book, a musical box, and maybe even a mobile for the baby's crib. You can purchase new baby gifts from the same manufacturer (Fisher Price, Chicco, Graco, Bugaboo, JJ Cole, etc.) to keep it from looking like a hodgepodge of toys.

Feeding set. Even if the new mom intends to breastfeed the baby now, she will eventually need a starter formula set, so you can't discount these items as new baby gifts. There are packs where the bottles are included with a sterilizer, so you may want to check this out. Throw in some teats and some infant's washcloths and you've got your hamper set!

Infant's clothing. Help the new mom out by putting together quaint infant's clothes as your new baby gifts for her. These teeny-weeny tops, mitts, and bonnets that are front-tying won't last long, so just buy perhaps a half dozen of each kind.

Storybooks. For new baby gifts that would last a long time, put together a hamper of storybooks for children. You can find books with cardboard pages that the baby can make use of even as he is already about a year old. Choose those with colorful pictures that can stimulate a newborn baby's eyes.

Combination hampers. New baby gifts for both parents and the new arrival can be lovingly combined in one hamper. For the proud parents, put in a bottle of fine champagne and a congratulatory card. For the baby, quickly get a didital snapshot of the newborn, have it enlarged at your neighborhood photo shop, and purchase a frame for it. You can even include other new baby gifts such as a small stuffed toy for the baby and a box of gourmet chocolates for the mom and dad.

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